About Higher Compound Plus with nanoCBD

Why CBD?

What is Higher Compound?

What is Higher Compound?

There is ample literature about the health benefits of CBD for humans and animals. Yet many people are uncertain of its effectiveness; reporting inconsistent responses. Many question why it seems effective for some and not themselves? The answer lies in biochemistry and is the reason for the creation of our patented Higher Compound composition.

What is Higher Compound?

What is Higher Compound?

What is Higher Compound?

When integrative practitioner and biochemist Kevin Meehan became intrigued with the problem, he combined his knowledge and experience with his research of the Endocannabinoid system to understand where the inconsistencies lay. He recognized from scientific literature that there is an inborn error on the 6th transmembrane of the Mu opioid receptor site which affects us all in varying  degrees. It's what gives opioids and cannabinoids their variances in tolerance and effectiveness and possibly gives opioids their addictive nature. He then set out to develop a natural protocol to help "level the playing field" biochemically speaking. This resulted in the creation of  our Higher Compound formulas which target the optimization of the Mu and Delta Opioid receptors to help increase the effectiveness of any cannabinoid or opioid medication.

The Perfect Blend

What is Higher Compound?

The Perfect Blend

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received about the Higher Compound made it a natural decision for us to combine it with a high-quality CBD.  After an extensive  search, we found an organically farmed Hemp extract which has undergone a nano-emulsion process that makes the CBD water-soluble and dramatically increases its bioavailability- up to six times more bioavailable to your body!

With the combination of our patented formula and a superior  nanoCBD  delivery system, we are proud to offer our Higher Compound Plus nanoCBD formulas. For an enhanced CBD experience. 

About us

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Who is Kevin Meehan?

Kevin Meehan, Lac, M.S., Dipl. of Ac. NCCAOM, NCCA, founded Teton Valley Health Clinic in 1992.

As an integrative practitioner for almost 3 decades, Kevin has tirelessly served his community and has been voted one of  Jackson's Best Alternative practitioners numerous times - including 2018 & 2019!

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Balanced Biochemistry

Kevin Meehan founded Meehan Formulations in 2007 to design and produce unique health and wellness supplements. 

Kevin is recognized for his unparalleled formulations that work in synergy with the body. His experience in developing his own formulations has produced a number of patented products. With Kevin’s commitment to safety by NEVER overriding the body’s systems, his formulations are safe and effective.

 Meehan Formulations follows GMP standards. Our manufacturing partners are right here in the United Staes and source ingredients that match Kevin’s holistic principles.

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